How Do LeafGuard® Gutters Work?

Most people understand how traditional gutters work. But LeafGuard® isn’t your conventional gutter system. We’ve engineered a one-piece patented gutter guard system that incorporates revolutionary technology for maximum functionality and fluidity.

Here’s what makes our gutters the best in South Carolina:

Liquid AdhesionLiquid Adhesion

Liquid adhesion is a molecular interaction that conjoins two dissimilar substances. This is a vital principle at work in our gutter system because it’s how our curved hood directs rainwater into the gutter while repelling leaves and debris.

Roll-Formed AluminumRoll-Formed Aluminum

Our technicians roll-form LeafGuard gutters from one piece of aluminum and cut precisely to ensure a custom fit for your home.

  • 18 inches wide
  • 20% thicker than industry standard

Formed On-SiteFormed On-Site

Our trained servicemen will form your custom gutters on-site. They’ll mold the single sheet of flat metal into an extra wide gutter channel with a perfectly angled cover.

Large Gutter Bottom & DownspoutLarge Gutter Bottom & Downspout

Our large gutter bottom and impressive downspouts are built to endure.

  • Extra-large 3” x 4” downspouts to handle extreme rainfall
  • Lab tests have proved LeafGuard gutters can handle 32” of rainfall per hour (over 3x the record rainfall recorded by U.S. Weather Bureau)

ScratchGuard Paint FinishScratchGuard Paint Finish

Not only will LeafGuard perform well – it will look great in the process.

Non-Corrosive HangersNon-Corrosive Hangers

LeafGuard hangers are specially-designed to effectively support your gutter hood, traveling through the back of the gutter and attach to the fascia board.

  • We use screws to ensure lifelong attachment
  • Hangers spaced at 2-foot intervals for added strength (2x industry standard)

Supported By Science

LeafGuard gutters are scientifically engineered to ensure you receive the most innovative, efficient product possible. Contact LeafGuard of South Carolina today for a gutter system you don’t have to worry about.

About Us

LeafGuard of South Carolina was founded in 1999, and we are proud to be a locally owned dealer of the LeafGuard system from Englert. It is the only one piece gutter system on the market, made from the best aluminum and the unique design prevents clogs from forming. Everything is custom made on-site to the exact dimensions of the home and pitch of the roof. With us, you’re buying a zero maintenance product that will last forever and you’ll receive personalized, top-of-the-line customer service, as your satisfaction is our number one priority.