Additional Services

At LeafGuard of South Carolina, our goal is to help you achieve a more efficient home with practical, reliable products. However, we understand that an effective home exterior at times requires more than a one-of-a-kind gutter system. That’s why we don’t limit our expertise to gutter guards. Instead, we specialize in a variety of home improvement services that help South Carolina homeowners reinforce their properties without a hassle.

Our additional services include:

  • Windows
  • Exterior Painting
  • Vinyl Siding

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About Us

LeafGuard of South Carolina was founded in 1999, and we are proud to be a locally owned dealer of the LeafGuard system from Englert. It is the only one piece gutter system on the market, made from the best aluminum and the unique design prevents clogs from forming. Everything is custom made on-site to the exact dimensions of the home and pitch of the roof. With us, you’re buying a zero maintenance product that will last forever and you’ll receive personalized, top-of-the-line customer service, as your satisfaction is our number one priority.