5 Reasons You Need Gutter Protection On Your Home

gutter-guardWe get it. Gutters aren’t exactly considered the backbone of your home. You could probably get by without them. Right?

Not exactly.

An effective gutter system is imperative for a safe and beautiful exterior. Likewise, a faulty, leaky, clogged gutter can cause a world of problems you may not even know about.

To help clear the clutter and provide some insight into the structure of a home, the experts at LeafGuard of South Carolina have compiled the top five reasons why you need to install a gutter guard. Let’s take a look!

Top five benefits to your home

  1. Protect your foundation. Clogged gutters trap water and eventually overflow, which causes standing water to build up around the foundation of your home. Over time, this buildup can erode your foundation and threaten the entire base of your property. Gutter guards, on the other hand, repel debris and filter water, which allows for proper and controlled water flow – removing the potential for erosion.
  2. Prevent roofing damage. If a gutter is blocked by debris, rainwater can gather and cause your roof to leak and rust. Eventually, the wooden supports could weaken and compromise the entire structural integrity of your roofing system. To avoid a collapse or costly repair, install a gutter guard that resists water accumulation and clogging.
  3. Protect your Soffit & Fascia. In direct contact with your gutter, soffit and fascia usually endures the brunt of the damage from a clogged gutter system. When water collects, it seeps into and deteriorates your soffit & fascia, causing your gutter system to pull away from your exterior and potentially fall. Don’t want to pay for that renovation? Install a gutter guard and keep your soffit & fascia sturdy and dry.
  4. Avoid mold accumulation. When water penetrates the exterior of your home, moisture levels increase – creating the ideal conditions for mold growth. With a gutter guard, you can ensure proper direction and filtration of water and avoid the harmful effects from mold.
  5. Repel insects and other wildlife. Clogged gutters typically result in standing water around your home. Such pools can attract mosquitoes and other unwanted wildlife to your property – especially during the warmer months in South Carolina. Steer clear of these critters with a gutter guard that allows water to move freely to the proper location.

Eliminate your risk today!

If you’ve neglected your gutter system, the dangers above could already be plaguing your home. Eliminate the risk and contact LeafGuard of South Carolina. We’ll perform a free estimate and show you exactly where your property is vulnerable. Make the right decision today!

About Us

LeafGuard of South Carolina was founded in 1999, and we are proud to be a locally owned dealer of the LeafGuard system from Englert. It is the only one piece gutter system on the market, made from the best aluminum and the unique design prevents clogs from forming. Everything is custom made on-site to the exact dimensions of the home and pitch of the roof. With us, you’re buying a zero maintenance product that will last forever and you’ll receive personalized, top-of-the-line customer service, as your satisfaction is our number one priority.