A Winter Weather Survival Guide For Your Gutter System


Tips & Tricks For South Carolina Homeowners

snow-gutterSouth Carolina is known for its brutal humidity during summer months, but even we can’t escape winter’s grasp in 2017. And while it’s important for all South Carolinians to prepare, most homeowners don’t know where to start. That’s why LeafGuard of South Carolina is here with 3 tips to ensure you and your gutter are primed and ready for winter.

1. Install A Gutter Guard

Gutter guards are designed to protect your gutters year-round. No matter the season, temperature, or condition, an effective gutter guard will ensure proper flow and structural integrity. A gutter guard is one of the only ways to more or less guarantee maximum gutter performance around the clock.

2. Unclog Your Gutters Beforehand

If your gutters are filled with debris during winter weather, ice dams can form and cause a host of problems for your home and your safety. Not only will an ice dam put added pressure on the gutter itself, but it can also compromise the surrounding soffit and fascia – allowing energy to seep out of your living space and waste precious dollars. To prevent such damages, be sure to clear your gutter system in preparation for a winter storm. This way melted ice and snow will be able to flow properly.

3. Make Sure Your Gutters Are SecureNon-Corrosive Hangers

No matter how vacant your gutters are, winter weather will most likely cause a buildup of accumulation. This will inevitably force your gutter to support a heavier load. If your system is not properly installed, this collection of precipitation could cause your gutter to sag, warp, break or even fall. Thus, make sure your gutters are properly attached and balanced on your home when prepping for a winter storm.

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