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LeafGuard of South Carolina – The Premier Provider of the Seamless Gutter System that Never Clogs – Serves Homeowners in Greenville, SC & throughout the Upstate

Seamless Gutter System Greenville SC

While many gutter guard systems have tried to compete – nothing compares to the effectiveness of LeafGuard. LeafGuard is a patented, one-piece seamless gutter system that truly prevents leaves and other debris from entering gutters and forming troublesome clogs. When you partner with LeafGuard of South Carolina to have this revolutionary gutter system installed on your home – whether you live in Greenville, SC, or any other community in upstate South Carolina – you will never again have to perform the dreary and dangerous chore of climbing a ladder to clean out your gutters or deal with the aftermath and problems clogged gutters can cause.

The unique, curved hood design of the LeafGuard gutter protection system allows water to flow into the gutter trough, while debris such as leaves, seeds, dirt, and twigs are washed over the hood and onto the ground. Gutters that continuously remain free of debris help protect your largest investment – your home – from roof rot, foundation damage, landscape erosion, and other issues, and that is what you can expect with LeafGuard gutter protection. In fact, we stand behind the effectiveness of our gutters so much that in the unlikely event that you do experience a blockage, we’ll clean your gutters for free.

LeafGuard is so much more than just a gutter system with gutter guards attached. For starters, it is a one-piece, seamless system, so there are no seams through which water can leak, a problem with conventional sectional gutters. Furthermore, LeafGuard is custom manufactured on-site according to the size of your home and pitch of your roof, so your seamless gutters will fit your residence perfectly. Plus, we use hidden hangers to install our gutters into your fascia board so they blend effortlessly into the exterior of your home. This installation is unlike the process with most gutter guards, which are placed over the existing gutters and stapled or affixed into to the roof, creating an unattractive appearance while potentially causing roof damage. Since you’ll barely be able to notice your new LeafGuard gutter system from the curb and you’ll never have to clean it out, we like to tell our customers, you can get it and forget it!


LeafGuard of South Carolina: The Gutter Protection Experts You Can Trust in Greenville, SC & Surrounding Upstate Communities

Gutters Greenville SCIn addition to offering the only one-piece leaf protection gutter system on the market, LeafGuard of South Carolina provides world-class customer service. Our installers are full-time employees, not subcontractors, and are highly knowledgeable on how to correctly install LeafGuard seamless gutters on all types of homes. Plus, LeafGuard is backed by a lifetime transferable warranty, in addition to our guarantee that we will clean your gutters ourselves in the rare event debris does enter the system and cause a clog, so you’ll have peace of mind that your investment is protected. And, between the time saved never having to clean your gutters, and the money and hassle saved in routine gutter maintenance, in addition to the added protection for your home against water damage caused by gutter clogs, LeafGuard seamless gutters will likely end up costing you less in the long run than traditional gutters.

For more information about our innovative gutter protection system and why LeafGuard is a superior product to standard gutter guards, contact LeafGuard of South Carolina today and ask for a free estimate. We proudly serve homeowners in Greenville, SC, and communities throughout the upstate, and offer financing to those who qualify.

About Us

At LeafGuard of South Carolina, our customers receive the best of both worlds. The expertise of a large company, but without any of the franchise fees, and the customer service of a locally owned business. We’ve been in business since 1999, so we’re not a fly-by-night operation and our customers trust in the quality of our products and work. Moreover, – LeafGuard is the best gutter protection system on the market, as it is a seamless, one piece system leaf protection gutter system that is custom made for each project. Contact us today to learn more.